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We place a high value on our connection with the community. We sincerely appreciate and commend your efforts in making our community a better place, and we are pleased to offer our support with the following programs

Plan a fundraiser event

Whether you’re envisioning a large-scale bowling extravaganza, gala or an intimate gathering, we’ve got you covered! Our dedicated event team is ready to collaborate with you to plan and execute a memorable fundraising event.


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Boost your Cause with Discounted Arcade Cards! Each card has a $10 value and is sold for $6! Resell these for whatever value you choose, and the Fundraiser keeps the profit.

*Minimum Order of 50. Activation Fee Included. Cards Good for 1 Year. You must order 72 hours in Advance.*

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Purchase Individual Bowling Vouchers for $10/person. These have a value of up to $25 and can be resold for any amount you choose. You keep the difference to go towards your cause.

*Vouchers are Walk-In Only. Minimum of 30. Takes 10-14 Days to Ship.*

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